Russia found a special weapon to catch the fire god HIMARS of Ukraine

The Russian air defense forces have received new software that allows them to quickly detect and shoot down rockets from the US HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system supplied to Ukraine.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted the commander of a Russian air defense force in the Zaporizhia region as saying that they have received new software that allows decoding the firepower of the Ukrainian HIMARS system.

Over the past few months, the US-issued HIMARS system to Ukraine has been seen as a game-changing weapon, having caused a series of difficulties for Russia.

However, the new software seems to have helped Russia find a way to intercept HIMARS rockets, helping Moscow quickly detect and shoot down enemy rockets. RIA did not specify what software this is and whether it is integrated on which devices or not. 

“If at the initial stage, the Russian air defenses did not understand the HIMARS rockets well, then after receiving the new software, they become normal targets,” the source said.

“We can observe, evaluate, and destroy HIMARS rockets without any problems,” the commander said, noting that his unit had shot down 10 HIMARS rockets, including four rockets. last month.

Alexei Podberezkin, director of the Center for Military-Political Studies at Moscow State University of International Relations, said: “In principle, before new software was introduced, 75-80% of rockets launched by the HIMARS system had already been launched. was shot down, but not 100%.”

However, after Russia deployed the new software, Mr. Podberezkin said, the success rate of the weapon’s interception was close to absolute. Accordingly, this software allows the Russian side to accurately calculate the flight path of the projectile to quickly intercept.

In addition to intercepting HIMARS, Russia is also applying counter-attack tactics, with the presence of Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems.

Military expert Yuri Knutov said that Tornado-S has a greater range than HIMARS (120km compared to 80km) and also has the ability to guide each rocket that has been launched. HIMARS can fire six 227mm GPS-guided rockets at a maximum distance of 80km and an accuracy of 5-10m. Meanwhile, the Tornado-S can launch 12 300mm GLONASS-guided rockets at a maximum distance of 120km and with the same accuracy.

According to experts, when deploying Tornado-S on a large scale in the frontline area, Russia will gain an advantage over Ukraine. Russia will likely force Ukraine to move its ammunition stocks far behind and leave Kiev’s supply lines vulnerable.

The Ukrainian military affirmed that the US-aided HIMARS rocket artillery played an important role in the counter-attacks of this force in the past time as well as contributed to limiting the overwhelming firepower of artillery and missiles. Russia.

Ukraine used HIMARS to strike precisely at important Russian targets such as ammunition depots, logistics routes, and important supplies on the front lines, and cause great damage. Experts say that HIMARS is one of the key weapons that helped Ukraine put great pressure on Russia to withdraw from the strategic city of Kherson last month because Moscow could no longer support the front line after being defeated by Kiev. destroy supply lines.

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