Russia deploys coastal defense missiles to disputed islands with Japan

The Russian Ministry of Defense has deployed a coastal defense missile system Bastion to the Kuril Islands dispute between Russia and Japan.p

Reuters on December 6 reported that the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the country had deployed Bastion missile complexes to the northern Kuril Islands, where a territorial dispute between Russia and Japan is ongoing.

“Coastal servicemen of the Pacific Fleet will keep watch 24 hours a day to control the surrounding waters and straits,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Relations between Japan and Russia for decades have been plagued by disagreements over the sovereignty of the four islands of the Kuril Islands as Russia calls them, while Japan calls them the Western Territories. North.

The Kuril Islands are currently home to the 18th Heavy Infantry Division, an elite defense unit of Moscow. Meanwhile, in the Diplomatic Blue Book 2022 published in April, Japan called the four islands in dispute with Russia in the north of the country “illegally occupied by Russia”.

Bastion is one of the most modern and mobile coastal defense missile systems in the world today. Armed with Oniks supersonic cruise missiles, this complex is capable of hitting a variety of sea and air targets with anti-landing targets. The Bastion missile complex is capable of striking targets up to 300km away and protecting a coastline against enemy amphibious warfare up to 600km.

Recently, on the Ukrainian battlefield, the Bastion complex’s missiles have also been tested for the task of attacking ground targets and achieved very positive results.

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