Russia explains why it launched numerous missile attacks against Ukraine

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the country’s military launched numerous large-scale missile strikes to hinder Ukraine’s ability to dispatch troops, weapons, and military hardware to the front lines.

Citizens shelter in a metro station as Russia launches another missile attack on Monday.

On December 5, the Russian military kept launching massive missile attacks on targets all around Ukraine. According to Ukrainian officials, the attack crippled the nation’s power grid in certain areas, including Kiev, the capital.

According to Denis Shmigal, the prime minister of Ukraine, the most recent Russian raid destroyed “energy targets” in Kiev, Vinnitsa, and Odessa. Additionally, the Cherkasy, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog, Kirovograd, Nikolaev, and Zhitomir areas all had partial power outages as well as the total loss of power in the Sumy region. In Dnepropetrovsk, the attack also targeted a number of targets.

In addition to affecting major Ukrainian cities’ water and electricity systems, the attack also caused problems for the nation’s rail system.

The Russian Defense Ministry stressed in a statement issued the same day that Moscow utilised strategic bombers to execute massive raids to obstruct the rail transportation of Ukrainian troops, weapons, and military equipment to the front lines. The statement said that “the raid hit all 17 targets.”

The most recent widespread raids come just after it was claimed that Ukraine employed drones to assault two air bases in remote parts of Russia, more than 500 kilometres from its border, in the Saratov and Ryazan areas.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, drone debris that was shot down by Russian air defences resulted in the deaths of three personnel and injuries to four more during the strike. While this was happening, Maxar Technologies published satellite photographs demonstrating how the strike had destroyed a number of bombers that were based at these air bases.

On October 10, Russia started conducting extensive raids in Ukraine, aiming to destroy the crucial energy infrastructure of the neighbouring nation. In order to slow down Kiev’s counterattack, observers believe Moscow wants to disrupt Ukraine’s logistics system and make it share some resources to protect infrastructure behind the front lines.

Kiev estimates that after several large-scale strikes in a row, Russia’s missile supply is depleted and can only support three operations of this magnitude. Moscow, however, disagrees with both Kiev’s and the West’s assessment, asserting that Russia has not fully utilised all of its arsenal for the military operation in Ukraine.

According to observers, Ukraine’s military has recently boosted the number of drone attacks it conducts on targets located far behind Russia’s front lines. Kiev has requested that the West send more advanced air defence systems to counter major missile attacks.

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