Russia captured a strategic town and besieges Ukraine’s stronghold in Donetsk

Pro-Russian forces have gained control of the strategic town of Opytnoye in the Donetsk region.

In an interview with Tass news agency on December 7, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) government Denis Pushilin said that pro-Russian forces had taken control of the town of Opytnoye. This was a strategic victory for the main Russian army and the Donetsk separatist militia as it allowed them to close the siege of the town of Avdeyevka, an important stronghold of the Ukrainian army in Donetsk.

“I want to talk about the direction of the Avdeyevka offensive: The liberation of the town of Opytnoye allows the siege of Avdeyevka to be closed. The pro-Russian forces are making steady progress in the region. We aim to liberate Avdeyevka in the near future at the earliest time because it is a stronghold of the Ukrainian army in Donetsk. Kiev has carried out a lot of heavy shelling on the city of Donetsk in the past few days from the town of Avdeyevka. That is why it is important to quickly control controlling Avdeyevka becomes a very important task,” explained Pushilin.

Also in an interview with Tass on December 7, the head of the pro-Russian administration in the DPR affirmed that since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out in February, the Russian army and the separatist forces in Donetsk have won controlled 338 cities, towns, and settlements in the region.

However, the Ukrainian army in recent years has repeatedly organized counter-attacks to regain lost territories. This caused pro-Russian forces in Donetsk to fight on many fronts. Mr. Pushilin predicts the situation will become increasingly tense in the coming weeks, especially as both sides step up their offensive before the cold winter hits.

Recently, the Ukrainian military has stepped up fire attacks against targets in Donetsk. According to Andrey Bayevsky, a local lawmaker and lieutenant colonel in the DPR militia, the Ukrainian army fired an average of about 200 shells a day at settlements in Donetsk, causing great loss of life and asset. Mr. Bayevsky also acknowledged that the number of casualties after the Ukrainian attacks is increasing in recent times.

On December 6, Ukraine carried out a missile attack and intense shelling of an office building, many commercial centers, a market, Donbass stadium, the local prosecutor’s office and many civilian targets. the difference in the city center of Donetsk. The attack left at least six people dead and many others injured.

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