A series of potential opponents have weapons that can destroy the US B-21 Raider stealth bomber

The US-made B-21 Raider stealth bomber, although very modern, is expected to face huge challenges from potential opponents with available weapons.

The US Air Force (USAF) recently held an extremely magnificent launch ceremony for the new generation B-21 Raider stealth bomber, which they say will change all future wars.

Although representatives of the USAF believe their bombers have overcome all risks, but according to Military Watch (MW), some countries already possess weapons capable of destroying B-21 bombers.

The list mentioned by the publication MW includes all opponents that are likely to have a military clash with the US. According to the magazine, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Belarus can cause problems for “the plane that changes everything”.

First, the MW publication considers Russia’s S-500 Prometheus super-long-range air defense system as a weapon capable of detecting and destroying stealth bombers. “The S-500 is Russia’s most important anti-aircraft weapon, it is equipped with a powerful radar station.”

“This allows the S-500 to detect stealth bombers at very long distances. Prometheus’ combat range is unmatched in the world, in addition, it is complemented by the capabilities of fighter jets. intercept the MiG-31 altitude”, MW newspaper emphasized.

The B-21 Raider stealth bomber could also have a big problem facing the People’s Liberation Army – the main target for which this bomber was created in the first place.

According to US analysts, China’s ground-based air defense system is not ready to counter sixth-generation bombers. However, the J-20 fighter is equipped with the necessary radar to detect stealth aircraft.

In addition, the KJ-500 airborne early warning and command aircraft is being actively built by China, it will coordinate operations with J-20 fighters, as well as exchange data with air defense systems On the ground.

Such coordination creates a very high level of situational awareness, and it is difficult for any target to be missed, including the application of stealth technology, which is something that other US adversaries cannot compare.

It would also be difficult for a raider to break through North Korea’s dense air defense network. The domestic air defense complexes Pyongae-5 and Pyongae-6 are located on a relatively small territory, making them capable of completely closing the country’s airspace to enemy aircraft.

With Moscow’s help, Minsk will also be able to counter the stealth bomber, B-21 Raider. Belarus’s dense air defense network has recently been augmented by Russian S-400 complexes.

At the same time, the unification of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus ensures fast data exchange, thanks to which the Belarusian S-400 can use information from Russian aircraft with a powerful radar, such as MiGs. -31 and A-100 AWACS.

However, the American newspaper also acknowledged that the above comments were only built on the basis of the theory of what is known, while the B-21 Raider contains a multitude of secret features that have never been made public.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that these potential adversaries will actually identify and shoot down US stealth strategic bombers in the event of a conflict.

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