Putin: Russia will protect its interests by all means

President Vladimir Putin determined that the military operation in Ukraine is a long process in which Moscow has achieved some results and Russia will continue to protect its interests by all available means.

“We will use what we have. The only answer we have is a consistent fight in the national interest. We will continue to do so and leave no one up to anyone. what else… First of all, of course, we will focus on peaceful means. But if we have no other choice, we will defend ourselves with all available means,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Putin speaks during an online meeting in the Kremlin on December 7.

The Kremlin owner also said that he identified Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine as a “long process”. “How long the special military operation in Ukraine will last is, of course, a long process,” Putin said.

Even so, he said, this operation has achieved certain results such as “new territory” or Russia’s control of the Sea of ​​Azov. The new territories he mentioned seem to imply that the four breakaway regions of Ukraine – Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, and Lugansk – were annexed to Russia in early October after a controversial referendum.

Putin rarely mentioned how long Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine would last, except for stating in July that the operation had just begun. Although he predicts that the operation will not be over soon, he emphasized that at present he does not see the need to mobilize more troops.

Of the more than 300,000 reservists mobilized during the partial mobilization in September and October, he said, only about 150,000 were deployed in Ukraine, with 77,000 deployed to combat units, he said. The rest are on defensive duty or continue to participate in training courses. President Putin also pledged to solve the problem of the lack of equipment for Russian troops in Ukraine.

He also warned that the risk of nuclear war is increasing, but Russia will not threaten to use this weapon recklessly.

“We know what nuclear weapons mean. We have these weapons in a more advanced and modern form than any other nuclear state. It’s a fact. But we won’t swing those weapons. this weapon arbitrarily,” Putin said. He once again affirmed that Russia considers its nuclear arsenal only a purely defensive deterrent.

Mr. Putin said that Russia “may be the only guarantor of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. “This is up to the Ukrainian leadership to decide”, the Kremlin owner said.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 10th month, but there is no sign of abating. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on December 6 that Russia does not currently see prospects for any negotiations to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine. When asked what led to the prospect of negotiations, he said, Russia must achieve all objectives in the military operation.

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