Ukraine’s tactics use fake anti-aircraft shields to deceive Russian fighters

Ukraine appears to be using US-aided equipment such as fake anti-aircraft shields to confuse Russian fighters, as well as makeup for Kiev’s lack of defense and missile complexes.

The Eurasian Times reported that the US appeared to have given Ukraine “threat-emitting devices”. In essence, this is a device that can emit signals like an air defense radar but does not have the full functionality of the radar. However, it can effectively deceive enemy fighters, making Russia believe that this is a Ukrainian air defense complex.

According to observers, this is considered a temporary solution in the context that Ukraine lacks many air defense systems to protect the airspace against the overwhelming opponent in terms of military capabilities.

Ukraine lacks an air defense shield

Nearly 10 months after the outbreak of the war, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), although numerically and technologically superior to the Ukrainian Air Force, have yet to gain complete control of the Ukrainian airspace.

According to the Eurasian Times, the air war is not only a contest of equipment and weapons on both sides but also a strategy to prevent Russian aircraft from entering the airspace, based on a series of air defense systems.

Ukraine deploys medium and long-range air defense systems, such as the S-300 and Buk-M1, forcing Russian warplanes to fly at an altitude of fewer than 4,500 meters, right within the range of the air defense systems. shoulder portable (MANPADS).

However, up to the present time, the number of surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers and SAM rockets in Ukraine’s possession seems to be decreasing at a rate that observers perceive as potentially causing problems Great deal for Kiev.  

According to Oryx, images from the scene confirm that Ukraine lost about 36 S-300 launchers. It is likely that the actual number will be even higher as there are some demolitions that are not published.

In addition, Russia in recent months has been using the tactic of rain of fire when launching a large number of missiles and suicide drones (UAVs) to overwhelm Ukraine’s air defense system. Massive attacks have made Ukraine’s SAM missile arsenal face the risk of exhaustion.

Recently, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, said that Kiev is in discussions with other countries to add to Ukraine’s S-300 missile arsenal.

“The S-300s work very well. But the fact that they are not made in Ukraine means that we are having to draw fire from the stockpile. Therefore, we are negotiating with the parties about the transfer. S-300 missiles from their stockpile to Ukraine,” Reznikov said.

Fake anti-aircraft shield tactics

A device that emits an American threat (Image: US Army).
Aviation Week over the weekend, citing sources, said that the US was providing Ukraine with “threat-emitting devices” to help Kiev deceive Russia until Ukraine was provided with more air defense systems.
The “threat emitter” is capable of emitting radio signals similar to anti-aircraft radars but without signal and data processing systems.
Militaries often use it to train crews to identify and respond to threats in simulated combat situations. 
These devices are capable of emitting different signals, corresponding to different types of air defense radar.
In actual combat, “threat-emitting devices” can deceive enemy fighters by giving them the impression that they are dealing with stronger defenses than they actually are. 
In some cases, opponents decide not to attack for fear of being shot down.
This is not the first time Ukraine has used fake weapons to deceive Russia. 
They used to deploy fake S-300 systems or fake HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to make Russia consume ambush missiles.
With the fake anti-aircraft radar, Ukraine is said to be turning the “threat emitting device” into a 36D6M1-1 radar. 
Ukraine sold this air defense radar to the US in 2018. This radar has the ability to integrate with the S-300, so Russian pilots may think that the bottom is a powerful air defense system, but in reality it is just a device. incapable of attack.

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