Ukrainian detachment specializes in hunting Russian suicide drones

The Ukrainian detachment has the task of shooting down Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with laser projectors and rifles after information on a special application.

According to The Drive, Ukraine’s UAV hunters are being deployed to deal with the threat of recent raids.

The mechanism of this detachment is that they will receive information about potential targets on a warning network collected by volunteers, then the hunters move closer to the area of ​​​​the possible target. suspect, shine a laser light to shoot down.

Threat information is often uploaded directly to a network by volunteers, to announce the arrival of Russian suicide drones. Because this UAV flies at a relatively low altitude, it can be observed with the naked eye. The laser projection is so that the gunners below can hit the target to shoot down.

The operation of the UAV hunting detachment became important when Russia started using the Geran-2 suicide drone in October (which Kiev accused of being an Iranian-made Shahed-136) to attack a large-scale essential infrastructure. Ukrainian power plants in cities.

Many raids take place at night so that low-flying UAVs are more difficult to intercept, so many “hunts” of Ukrainian UAVs must take place in the dark.

“One member used a thermal sensor to detect the Russian UAV, before turning on the laser beam to shine on the target so that other teammates could shoot it down,” the Washington Post described.

Teams of UAV hunters are often dispersed over a large area. Once the target is lasered, the attacks that follow can be so intense that it is often difficult to know which unit shot down the opposing UAV.

Equipment used by Ukraine to project at the target (Photo: The Drive).

According to The Drive, the laser projection equipment that Ukraine is using is military equipment, with a fairly long range. For example, the IZLID 1000P can project a laser at a target 43km away.

Usually, these types of lasers are used in infrared mode to discreetly mark targets on the ground, to prevent their aircraft from mistakenly attacking. In Ukraine, UAV hunters are using laser equipment for the opposite purpose.

To shoot down the UAVs, the hunter squad often uses light weapons. For example, a group armed with a small machine gun was removed from a previously destroyed Russian tank.

One worry of Ukrainian UAV hunters is that when the target falls down because it is shot down, it can land on apartment buildings, endangering civilians. After a UAV is shot down, this detachment often collects pieces of the plane to ensure the safety of the people as well as for intelligence reasons.

According to observers, the operation of this detachment is still quite rudimentary. They need to have more advanced equipment such as thermal sensors, and night vision goggles for higher shooting efficiency.

Despite this, it is an indispensable unit for defense, because of the intensity of Russia’s massive ambush, as well as for reasons of cost. Activating the air defense system may be more effective at intercepting UAVs, but a missile costs several hundred thousand to a million dollars. In the long run, firing low-cost UAV interceptors of $10,000-50,000 is a waste of resources and could soon exhaust Ukraine’s weapons.

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