President Putin: Russia can adopt the United States’ pre-emptive attack doctrine.

Putin suggested that Russia might “borrow” American strategies for ensuring its own security, such as the use of pre-emptive strikes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that his country might “borrow” elements of the United States’ strategies for ensuring its security, including as the use of a preemptive disarmament strike.

“First, the US has a policy of pre-emptive strike. Second, they are creating a framework for disarming strikes. And what is that? In order to disable them, it is a system of assaulting command and control centres using cutting-edge, high-tech methods,” Putin told reporters on December 10.

According to President Putin, he was referring to cruise missiles, particularly those that were launched from the ground, which Moscow had committed to get rid of.

“While the US was wiser at the time, we got rid of these missiles. They preserved the air- and sea-launched missiles but deleted the ground-launched ones. They’re still around, modernised and considerably more effective,” stated Putin.

Putin also mentioned that there are plans to develop the ability to launch a pre-emptive disarmament strike using hypersonic systems at speeds between Mach 5 and Mach 25 (5 to 25 times the speed of sound).

The US hasn’t had this weapon yet, but we do, stressed Putin.

“Maybe we should consider ‘borrowing’ the American approach of how to protect our own security, right? Since Russia is facing a disarmament attack. We’re only considering it right now. After all, nobody has been reluctant to discuss this for a long time,” remarked Putin.

Mr. Putin also reaffirmed that the US plainly outlines a pre-emptive strike in their strategy.

“Russia is different here. If the Russian missile attack warning system detects a missile assault, “hundreds of missiles will be launched” from the Russian side, according to Putin, who also stated that their doctrine clearly and accurately specifies how to respond to an attack.

There is no way to stop them. But this [strike] will be in retaliation. Why does this matter? Warheads from the enemy will inevitably land on Russian soil. They won’t have anything because it’s impossible to intercept hundreds of missiles. Naturally, this is a deterrent step that should not be taken lightly, said Putin, who also mentioned that Russia regularly conducts nuclear force drills.

“But this makes us consider the threat that these notions pose if a possible adversary believes they can deploy the philosophy of a preventative attack while we can’t. such mentality in other nations’ defence strategies against Russia,” said Putin.

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