Su-47 stealth fighter ‘really has a very strong combat ability

The Su-47 stealth fighter, although not mass-produced, still leaves valuable lessons for Russian aviation.

The Su-47 Berkut stealth fighter is one of Russia’s strangest fighter jets, although it only exists in prototype form, countless legends still surround it to this day.

There are technologies that at birth claim to change the field in which they exist. There are many anonymous projects created on the drawing board that never had a chance to materialize. But many have overcome the “curse of the paper” and have the opportunity to exchange for at least one prototype.

Both America, Russia, and anyone with an arms industry has had to put on hold projects that we will never know about. But the Su-47 did exist, at least in a prototype, only unfortunately it did not appear in large numbers.

The Sukhoi Su-47 is also known as S-3 or S-37, as well as its name Firkin or Berkut – meaning “Golden Eagle”. Many names but only to describe a prototype.

But the Su-47 was not developed as an aircraft for mass production, but rather as a prototype for the future Russian fighter aircraft expected to come after it.

For this purpose, to this day, the technologies, practices, mistakes, and obstacles to be overcome in the Su-47 prototype have all been used to improve the capabilities of Russian aviation.

The Su-47 was not a futile project, especially considering that the technological advances made during its construction enabled the Russians to create two powerful fighters, the Su-35 Flanker and the Su-47. -57 Felon.

This fighter is very special, even if you don’t know the names of every Russian fighter, when you see the wings of the Su-47, you will immediately see that it is completely different from the others. In the world.

The wings of the Su-47 are arranged forward, which is said to give the aircraft great agility and maneuverability. In addition to the inverted nose triangle, the Su-47 does not have a lateral stabilizer. On the other hand, there are dual vertical stabilizers.

It is difficult to say what is the advantage of such a design, there are different opinions. Some argue that this design offers a very high angle of attack with an unprecedented level of stability and control. That is, the aircraft is maneuverable and highly efficient at low altitudes.

However, according to some other experts, the speed of the aircraft is affected by this. That is, it is slow and to gain altitude at low speeds the pilot must activate the engine’s boost mode.

The life of the project is very small. The Su-47 was born at the end of the Cold War and was forgotten along with the dissolution of the Soviet Union

Many projects during this time also came to an end and were never seen in the “current world”. Some say this could be a great plane, but we’ll never know.

However, in 2002, the Su-47 was assigned an unusual role – a test subject for composite materials, as well as a state-of-the-art “fly-by-wire” control system.

But we must note one fact: aircraft have very strong weapons and combat capabilities. It has a total of 14 hardpoints, which means it can carry 4 air-to-air missiles and 7 air-to-ground missiles.

Today, the Su-47 is still just a prototype. The last time the public got a glimpse of it was almost three years ago in Moscow during an international air show.

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