Hundreds of Russian T-90M tanks have been dispatched to the front lines in eastern Ukraine.

According to Russian reports, 200 modernised T-90M tanks have been dispatched to the Luhansk front. According to NTV Russian News Channel Television, the tanks were sent directly from Russia’s largest tank builder, UralVagonZavod.

Several tank transfers have been made to the Russian military services in recent weeks. Along with the T-90M, older models of the T-90, T-80, T-80BM, and T-72 were supplied. Even older Soviet tanks, the T-61 series, were upgraded to the T-72 level for the Russian armed forces in the middle of the year.

For several months, UralVagonZavod has worked with extended hours. Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, has issued an order requiring enterprises involved in the production of weaponry to boost man-hours. The Russian tank giant has significantly doubled production capacity in recent months.

A video from Lugansk depicting the delivery of several of the tanks has surfaced on the internet. Russia mobilised reserve forces at the start of September. This means that seasoned soldiers will most likely make up a portion of the tank crews.

However, the information provided by NTV can be called into doubt. Russia has around 600 T-90 tanks in various configurations. The Russian armed forces have at least 200 tanks in reserve. In 2010, Moscow planned to invest roughly $300 million USD in upgrading all T-90 variants to the T-90M variant. This indicates that, if the information concerning the number of tanks transferred to Luhansk is right, Russia has sent over 35% of its T-90 tank stock to the conflict zone.

The T-90M is significantly different from the T-90 and T-90A models. The T-90M, as opposed to the T-90A, includes a new Kalina fire control system as well as a new turret. The 125mm cannon on the T-90 was also updated to the 2A46M-5 model, as was the remote-controlled anti-aircraft gun to the UDP T05BV-1 model. T-90M also comes with Relikt ERA bricks rather than Kontakt-5 ERA bricks. Other enhancements include a new V-92S2F engine with 1130 hp, an improved environmental control system, and satellite navigation systems.

However, the T-90M is not the final version of Russia’s land flagship tank. The most recent version of this tank is the T-90M Proryv. In recent months, Russia has supplied multiple units of this tank to Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian armed forces were able to apprehend two of Proryv. According to analysts and military experts, Ukraine will offer these tanks to its Western partners to be thoroughly analysed.

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