Special inscription on Russian suicide UAV

The Ukrainian side discovered the words “For Ryazan” on a Russian suicide drone used to raid the capital Kiev today.

Guardian reported, Svitlana Vodolaga, a spokeswoman for the Kiev rescue force, said that one of the suicide drones Russia used to raid the Ukrainian capital today had the words “For Ryazan” in it. above the body.

A Telegram social network channel posted a photo of a UAV fragment with the aforementioned text written in Russian.

According to observers, this inscription seems to refer to the December 5 incident when the Russian Defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian army’s suicide drones (UAVs) of attacking two Dyagilyaevo air bases in the country. Ryazan and Engels regions in the Saratov region of Russia.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine’s Soviet-made suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flew at a low altitude before hitting the two bases, causing many casualties and causing serious injury. At least 2 Moscow bombers were damaged.

Ukraine did not claim responsibility for the attack, but the Ukrainian air defenses posted pictures of the scene of the incident at Russian bases with the caption: “Ryazan. Rest in peace.”

According to observers, the inscription on the Russian UAV seems to indicate that Moscow may carry out today’s raid in response to the previous attack on military bases

The Guardian quoted Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko as saying that early this morning on December 14, sirens in the capital Kiev and surrounding areas sounded simultaneous, about 20 minutes before the appearance of loud explosions.

According to Klitschko, the air defense system in Kiev was activated and shot down 10 Shahed drones. The Shahed is a drone that Ukraine and the West accuse Iran of providing to Russia to use in a wide-ranging raid campaign against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since early October, but Tehran and Moscow both deny it.

According to initial information from the Kiev authorities, two administrative buildings in the central district of Shevchenkivskyi were damaged by debris from the downed drone.

Then, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the country’s air defense forces had shot down all 13 Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in today’s raid.

Russia has not yet commented on the information given by the Ukrainian side.

According to ISW (USA), Russia seems to increase the use of Geran-2 (Ukraine and the West is suspected of being Shahed) to attack key infrastructure of Ukraine in the near future.

ISW said that because Russia seems to be lacking in high-precision weapons after nearly 10 months of war, it will prioritize using cheap suicide UAVs from $20,000-50,000 each to attack Ukraine.

Russia started using the Geran-2 in October, in an attempt to massively attack Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, leaving Kiev and many major cities without power over the winter. The West believes that Russia wants to put pressure on its opponents when they have to face some setbacks on the battlefield in recent times.

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