Japan suddenly increased its defense budget to the highest level since World War II

Japan has approved a $320 billion defense construction plan, the largest since World War II, to deal with “a series of security challenges”.

Accordingly, from 2023-2027, Japan will spend the above money to modernize its military forces and purchase weapons.

According to observers, the figure of $ 320 billion was once considered a record high, in the context of regional tensions escalating in recent times.

Speaking at a press conference, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he was “determined to carry out his mission to protect the country and its people before this historic turning point.”

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said this was an answer to “the series of security challenges we are facing”.

At the end of last month, Prime Minister Kishida instructed his cabinet ministers to come up with a plan to double the defense budget to 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) in five years.

Prime Minister Kishida’s administration has pledged to “significantly” increase defense spending in response to what Tokyo describes as a growing security threat from potential adversaries.

Items on Japan’s military procurement list for the next five years include anti-ballistic missile interceptors, attack and reconnaissance drones, satellite communications equipment, and fighter jets. stealth F-35s, helicopters, submarines, warships, and heavy transport aircraft.

In addition, Japan will also stockpile spare parts and certain types of weapons, expand transportation capacity and develop cyber warfare capabilities.

“Prime Minister Kishida is making a clear strategic statement about Japan’s role as a guarantor of security in the Indo-Pacific,” said US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel. emphasized that Tokyo is aiming to increase its deterrence power.

The White House acknowledged that Tokyo’s defense “overhaul” plan would “consolidate and modernize” the military alliance between Japan and the United States.

In November, Japan’s Nikkei news agency quoted sources as saying that Tokyo appears to be planning to equip its military with hypersonic missiles capable of flying at five times the speed of sound in the year 2030.

This is considered a step to strengthen Japan’s combat capability in the face of increasingly serious regional and international security challenges.

In addition, Japan may be considering buying more powerful weapons such as the US-made Tomahawk cruise missile.

The construction of a new version of the modern Type 12 missile available in service with the ability to launch from a submarine is also being urgently studied by Tokyo.

Earlier, many sources close to the Japanese government confirmed that Tokyo will establish a joint command to command and coordinate the combat operations of the country’s army, air and navy forces.

Polls show the Japanese public largely in favor of the changes, but they can still be controversial.

Because Japan’s post-war constitution limited the military’s operations nominally to self-defense.

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