Russia deploys missile complex “Arctic beast” to Ukraine

The Russian military has deployed the Tor-M2DT air defense complex specialized for cold climates to Ukraine.

According to Defense Express , the Russian military has deployed the Tor-M2DT air defense missile system to Ukraine for the first time. This is considered a move to prepare Moscow for combat in the upcoming cold winter conditions in Ukraine.

First appeared in 2017, this missile complex was upgraded by the engineers of the Izhevsk Kupol electromechanical plant from the famous Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile system for the purpose of protecting forces and international facilities. important room of the Russian army in the Arctic Circle.

According to some sources, the Russian military currently possesses 12 Tor-M2DT missile complexes. The 80th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Northern Fleet is the main unit responsible for operating this weapon.

Mounted on the base chassis of the DT-30PM crawler military vehicles, the Tor-M2DT missile complex is nicknamed the “Arctic beast” when it can fight in conditions down to -50 degrees C. A basic Tor-M2DT complex includes 2 launch modules with the ability to carry 4 anti-aircraft missiles 9M331 or 9M332.

The Russian military claims that the complex can hit targets within a range of 1 to 12 km at an altitude of 10 m to 10 km. With these features, the Russian military’s “Arctic Beast” can effectively deal with a variety of enemy flying targets, including fighter jets, cruise missiles, helicopters, and even drones. unmanned flight.

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