Russia claims that the supply of foreign weapons to Ukraine has been cut off.

In order to prevent the delivery of foreign weaponry to Kyiv, Russia claims to have attacked Ukraine’s military-designated systems.

According to a statement released by the Russian Defense Ministry today, high-precision weapons were used to assault Ukraine’s military command systems, military-industrial complex, and auxiliary energy infrastructure on December 16. “All intended targets are destroyed,”

The raid reportedly prevented foreign arms and ammunition from being shipped to Ukraine, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. “Ukrainian defence companies must likewise halt the manufacture and maintenance of weapons,” Moscow continued.

According to Ukrainian officials, on December 16 Russian forces fired over 60 missiles against key infrastructure in the nation’s capital Kiev and many of its provinces, cutting out power, clean water, heating, and ships in numerous locations. Subway ceased to operate.

Today, according to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, two-thirds of the city’s electrical system and half of its heating system have been restored. While stating that citizens did not yet need to be evacuated, Klitschko earlier this month warned of a “apocalyptic scenario” in Kyiv if Russia proceeded to target the city’s infrastructure.

Since October, Russia has been assaulting Ukraine’s military and energy infrastructure in an effort to reduce Kyiv’s ability to defend itself and force negotiations. After months of Russian incursions, about half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was destroyed or damaged, leaving residents without heat or electricity for hours at a time in subzero temperatures.

Attacks on infrastructure are referred to as “war crimes” by Ukraine, which also charges Russia with purposely injuring civilians and flouting Kiev’s wishes. Moscow claims it attacks Ukraine’s infrastructure to stop the supply of weapons from the United States and its allies. The Ukrainian air defence troops’ lack of expertise in intercepting has allegedly damaged civic infrastructure, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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