Russia shot down 2 Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters at once

Two more Ukrainian MiG-29 planes have been destroyed by Russia.

The Russian military correctly detected Ukrainian MiG-29 planes as they attempted to launch an attack, and a short time later they were effectively shot down by launched missiles. According to the official reports of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, the 77th and 78th MiG-29 fighters were successfully hit by the Russian military, despite the fact that it was previously believed that Ukraine only had three dozen of these combat aircraft. As a result of these precise hits, combat aircraft suffered critical damage and were destroyed.

According to the official data of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian combat planes shot down MiG-29 fighters near the villages of Stepanovka and Belozerskoye. Although the objective for these fighters’ flights is still unknown, it is highly likely that they were intended to carry out attacks using AGM-88 HARM anti-radar cruise missiles.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 347 aircraft have been hit and destroyed overall since the SVO began; attack aircraft have suffered the most losses. The majority of these losses have been caused by combat aircraft.

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