More than 70 Chinese military aircraft close to Taiwan

About 71 Chinese military aircraft and ships are believed to have come close to Taiwan in the past 24 hours, the island’s government said.

Reuters quoted information from Taiwan’s Defense Agency as saying that 71 of these military aircraft, including fighter jets and drones, entered the air defense identification zone in the south of the island early on December 25 Of these, 43 aircraft crossed the median line – the underground boundary delimiting the Taiwan Strait.

This is the largest-scale approach to the island of Taiwan ever by the Chinese squadron.

In addition to the 71 aircraft, seven Chinese military ships were also detected operating near the island. Taiwan has deployed fighter jets, and naval ships and deployed a ground-based missile system for surveillance.

China said that on December 25, its military exercised in the waters and airspace around Taiwan in response to what Beijing called “provocative” actions by the US and the island government. Loan. However, Taiwan has denied the allegation.

China has always considered Taiwan an inalienable part of its territory and declared its readiness to reunify at any cost, even by resorting to military means.

Beijing has repeatedly sent military aircraft into Taiwan’s ADIZ, in a move said to be aimed at “stimulating” Taipei as well as the island’s supporters. The frequency of flights close to Taiwan tends to increase in the context of Beijing increasing military pressure on Taiwan by traditional and non-traditional methods.

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