Russia for super tank T-14 Armata ‘fire test’?

T-14 Armata is a 4th generation main battle tank, they are considered a product of the revolution in tank manufacturing of the Russian defense industry. 

The T-14 Armata is a fourth-generation main battle tank that possesses good maneuverability, solid armor, and a powerful firepower system controlled by digitization.

Some analysts estimate that during the war in Syria, Russia brought 400 new weapons of all kinds here to “test the fire”, including national treasure weapons such as Su-35, Su-57, Ka-52, and even the T-14.

However, there are still no images to prove that the T-14 Armata was brought by Russia to Syria for testing.

According to the Russian Research Institute of Steel Materials Science, the T-14 Armata super tank is made of special steel, which can fight well in all weather conditions.

According to this source, the main protective armor of the T-14 Armata tank is made of a new steel codenamed 44S-SV-SH, which is extremely durable and resistant to hot environments. extremely low even in the Arctic.

The main advantage of the main armor protection of the T-14 Armata super tank is its lightweight, thanks to the Russian engineers who have developed special steel that is stronger than previously used steel.

Even though the thickness of a protective armor layer has been reduced by 15% compared to before but still retains its ability to protect against external impacts.

The tank is equipped with an automatic reloading system, the turret is covered with protection from all sides.

The vehicle uses the latest radar system that can detect targets at a distance of 100 km. This is a feature that few other tanks have.

The communication system between the T-14 Armata tanks is also very modern, they are considered to be not inferior to the French AMX-56 tanks.

The T-14 Armata is equipped with an engine of up to 1,500 horsepower, which is also the most powerful engine for Russian tanks, making this tank highly maneuverable on the battlefield.

According to the manufacturer, with this engine, the T-14 tank can maneuver with a maximum speed of up to 75-80 km.

The vehicle’s range is about 500 km but can be increased if additional oil tanks are installed.

The main weapon on the T-14 Armata is a 125 mm caliber 2A82-1M smoothbore cannon. The armor-piercing projectile of the T-14 can penetrate 900 mm thick armor from a distance of 2 km.

In addition, this super tank can intercept incoming threats at speeds up to 1.7 km/s.

One of the other important features of the T-14 Armata super tank is the unmanned turret.

Three tank crewmen will be seated in an armored cockpit at the front of the vehicle, completely separate from the turret.

This will help increase the survivability of soldiers in the event of a tank attack.

Russian media also said that the T-14 is also the first Russian tank to be equipped with extremely advanced digitization systems, not inferior to leading Western tanks.

Accordingly, the T-14 Armata is equipped with an active electronic scanning system (APAR) similar to that of the fifth-generation Su-57 super fighter.

The radars and cameras on the T-14 Armata are used not only for combat purposes but also for reconnaissance missions.

The tank’s developer claims that, with its revolutionary design, APAR system, and active defensive weapons, the T-14 Armata becomes a tank capable of intercepting any weapon. any current anti-tank.

The T-14 Armata first appeared during the Russian Victory Day parade on Red Square in 2015.

However, this tank line has also been delayed 3 times by the Russian army. By the end of 2021, the manufacturer said that a certain number of T-14s will be delivered to the Russian army in 2022.

The first batch of T-14 Armata tanks equipped with the 1st Guards Tank Regiment of the 2nd Guards Mechanized Division named Tamanskaya is stationed on the outskirts of Moscow and partly in the Western Military District of Russia.

It is not clear how many T-14 Armatas have been in service with the Russian military.

Recently, citing information from Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who made a video report on Russian troops deployed in Ukraine, said that T-14 tanks were discovered in the Donbas region.

This reporter gave a video to support his statement and said that about 20 T-14 tanks were brought by Russia to eastern Ukraine.

Currently, Russian defense officials have not commented on this information. If the T-14 Armata is brought into combat, this will be an important milestone for this super tank.

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