K-4386 Typhoon VDV airborne ‘beast’ of Russian paratroopers

The Russian Airborne Forces have been equipped with a large number of modern airborne amphibious vehicles K-4386 Typhoon VDV. This is considered one of the most effective weapons in modern warfare.

With the superiority of armor and mobility along with a wide range of weapons, the K-4386 Typhoon VDV armored vehicle is one of the best amphibious assault vehicles in the world.

K4386 Typhoon VDV is armored with level 3 STANAG 4569, which is enough to resist 7.62mm armor-piercing bullets at a distance of 30m.

In particular, it can withstand an explosion of 6-8 kg of powerful explosives under the car.

The vehicle is designed to be able to mount an Epoch remote-controlled weapon station equipped with a 30 mm 2A42 automatic cannon (base of 300 rounds), in addition to a 7.62 mm machine gun (base of 1,200 rounds). ) and 6 camouflage smoke canisters.

The turret module is isolated from the passenger compartment and equipped with an automatic fire control system, a laser rangefinder, and automatic target tracking.

The cockpit of the K4386 Typhoon VDV is installed with the GALS-D1M combat management system to monitor the engine status, and travel speed or observe obstacles on the road through 5 cameras.

The driver can adjust the height as soon as the vehicle is running to suit the terrain by increasing and decreasing the tire pressure.

According to the Russian expert, the K4386 Typhoon VDV armored vehicle can also be equipped with an 82mm Drok self-propelled mortar with a range of 6 km, ideal for carrying out surprise point attacks.

Thanks to the mobile chassis, the mortar quickly moved around the battlefield, capable of striking from various directions.

K4386 Typhoon VDV has a length of 6 m, a width of more than 2.5 m, a weight of 13.5 tons, and a diesel engine with a capacity of 350 horsepower, capable of running on highways up to 130 km / h.

Vehicles equipped with a 200-liter fuel tank allow a range of up to 1,200 km.

According to documents from the company Remdizel, the unit that developed this vehicle, K4386 Typhoon VDV has high maneuverability, runs on all terrains, including hills and mountains, and can overcome 1.75 m deep pits and walls. 0.6 m high, or 0.6 m wide trench.

K4386 Typhoon VDV, when necessary, can deploy a combat crew of 5 people including a Commander, a driver, a gunner to control the weapon system, and 2 gunners using man-portable anti-aircraft missiles.

The gunner uses a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile that can shoot while moving at a speed of up to 20 km/h.

K4386 Typhoon VDV can receive information from external targets such as command posts or warning centers to prepare for combat.

Overall, the K4386 Typhoon VDV was developed taking into account the protection against shrapnel, and the convenience of the gunner in combat.

This is a modern, maneuverable armored vehicle and is a significant addition to Russia’s airborne forces.

The Russian Airborne Forces have been equipped with a new parachute system that can drop cargo weighing up to 18 tons, which will allow them to easily parachute K-4386 Typhoon-VDV armored vehicles.

K-4386 Typhoon-VDV was also deployed by Russia in a special military operation that took place in Ukraine on February 24.

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