Russia claims to have eliminated a “Ukrainian intelligence squad that penetrated Russian territory.”

The security agency of Russia claimed to have gunned down a squad of Ukrainian spies who had infiltrated the western province of Bryansk with explosives and weapons.

The four-person Ukrainian surveillance team was annihilated in the confrontation on December 25 after attempting to penetrate the Bryansk region, according to a statement released today by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

According to Russian media, the reconnaissance squad had a German-made SIG Sauer submachine rifle, four bomb blocks containing 40 kg of TNT, and communication and navigational devices.

The report has not been addressed by Ukrainian officials.

The Ukrainian army has recently conducted multiple artillery and airstrikes against the bordering province of Bryansk, which borders Belarus and Ukraine. Late in November, an attack on a number of oil depots and power plants in the Bryansk province resulted in large-scale fires and regional power disruptions.

Additionally, numerous Russian communities bordering Ukraine have frequently come under attack, particularly in the western provinces of Belgorod and Kursk. However, they do not explicitly deny their involvement in these situations, the Ukrainian authorities typically do not accept blame.

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