Why is the US M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle considered a tank’s ‘nightmare’?

The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is called a “nightmare” for enemy tanks. Especially in the Desert Storm campaign in 1991, hundreds of T-55 and T-72 tanks of the Iraqi army were shot down by this weapon of the US.

The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle joined the US Army’s arsenal in 1981 and immediately became famous.

The troop compartment on the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle can accommodate up to 7 amphibious troops.

Currently, the most commonly used version is M2A2, while the latest version is M2A4 with many outstanding improvements.

In terms of electronic systems, the vehicle is equipped with an extremely modern search indicator system based on 2nd generation FLIR technology and an optical-electronic system.

This allows them to quickly detect and lock targets regardless of weather conditions, day or night.

The M2 Bradley is equipped with a 25mm M242 main gun, a 7.62mm M240C coaxial machine gun, and a TOW anti-tank guided missile launcher.

The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle uses a VTA-903T diesel engine with a capacity of 600 horsepower, helping the vehicle to maneuver with a maximum speed of 66 km / h, a range of 500 km.

The role of the M2 infantry fighting vehicle is to transport infantry on the battlefield, create fire cover for soldiers outside the vehicle, and suppress enemy tanks and combat vehicles.

The M2 Bradley has a crew of three: commander, gunner, and driver.

The M2 Bradley takes on reconnaissance missions with a crew of three plus 2 scouts/reconnaissance

The M2 Bradley has undergone an upgrade program, including improvements based on Gulf War experience, to date over 600 vehicles have been upgraded.

The M2 Bradley case is made of aluminum alloy armor and has welded gaps between the layers.

In addition, the M2A2/A3/A4 Bradley variants have been fitted with passive armor or explosive reactive armor (ERA).

The M2 Bradley armor is also equipped with two M257 smoke grenade launchers, totaling 8 rounds.

In addition, the car is also equipped with an engine smoke generation/exhaust system.

All M2 Bradley vehicles are amphibious. The first models were equipped with a water barrier, which was installed by the crew before wading in the water.

Later M2 Bradley models were equipped with an inflatable float at the front and sides of the vehicle. The underwater swimming is done by two chains, the maximum swimming speed can reach 7.2 km/h.

In terms of firepower, the latest version M2A4 is equipped with the latest version of the TOW anti-tank missile and possibly the Israeli-made Spike NLOS.

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