The power of the first tank produced by the West to aid Ukraine

France has committed to delivering Ukraine the AMX-10RC, which Paris calls the first Western-made tank aided to Ukraine.

France will become the first Western country to donate tanks to Ukraine during the war with Russia, the French president’s office said on January 4.

The move to supply the French-made AMX-10 RC to Ukraine – a light tank model in use since the 1980s – represents a significant change in Paris’ strategy of supporting the Kiev military.

“France wants to increase aid to Ukraine by providing the AMX-10 RC light tank. This is the first time a Western-designed tank has been supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces,” said an assistant to the General. French President Emmanuel Macron told France24.

According to Forbes, the AMX-10RC, although called a light tank, is actually an armored vehicle because it moves on 6 tires, not with a track. It is equipped with a 105mm caliber gun and a tank-like body.

The AMX-10RC is a reconnaissance weapon equipped with mass firepower. If the Ukrainian military uses the AMX-10RC in the same way that the French military has deployed it, it could help Ukrainian brigades and battalions move faster, fight smarter and exploit gaps in the country. Russian line.

The AMX-10RC can provide the Ukrainian side with heavy reconnaissance capabilities on the battlefield and help the Kiev side fight in a NATO-like style.

In the French army, AMX-10RCs with a crew of 4 is equipped for reconnaissance units. The task of this weapon is to stay ahead of the main army of tanks and infantry, determine the position of the opponent, and make a surprise attack.

The essence of this operation is to find out the strongest and weakest points on the opponent’s line.

“Tactical movement based on reconnaissance and commanding activities in the front will help the main force to target the opponent’s weak points,” the French military explained.

The AMX-10RC is heavily armed like some older tanks, so they can pose a danger to opponents in reconnaissance missions. However, the French armored vehicle had rather thin armor so it could not stand still and fight. Instead, the AMX-10RC locates the opponent, fires a few shots, and then moves quickly. It has a pretty high speed, about 80km/h. The light tank is also amphibious, which means it can travel through small rivers.

This heavy ground reconnaissance weapon was so important to French military doctrine that Paris developed a unique vehicle specifically for that purpose.

According to Forbes, Ukraine can apply French tactics with the presence of AMX-10RC. This tank will move in front of the attack formation, surprise the opponent, to attract Russian forces. From there, the Ukrainian side will find weaknesses in the opponent’s defense for the main force to exploit and attack.

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