identifying the silent killer who killed 89 Russian soldiers

Due to their usage of cellphones, 89 Russian soldiers perished during a Ukrainian raid on a post in Makiivka, Donetsk region.

Mobile phone use resulted in the deaths of 89 Russian servicemen.

Authorities in Moscow reported on January 2 that 89 Russian service members had died in an attack by the Ukrainian military on the Russian army’s temporary staging camp in the town on January 1. Makeevka (Makiivka) is a part of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s territory (DPR, newly annexed by Russia in September 2022).

According to reports, the Russian troops suffered a significant number of casualties as a result of the bombardment, which was carried out using the M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, the most advanced weapon that the US delivered to the Ukrainian army. In the areas where the Russian army controlled, a significant amount of infrastructure and transportation networks were destroyed.

Apparently from the same carrier-launch vehicle, the Ukrainian Army fired a series of six missiles, two of which were shot down by Russian air defences but had explosive payloads on the other four. 89 Russian personnel were killed when the force struck the temporary deployment location.

In retaliation, Russia carried out airstrikes on a Ukrainian fire base close to the Druzhkivka railway station in Donetsk, claiming to have killed approximately 200 Ukrainian soldiers and destroyed four HIMARS launchers and more than 800 missiles.

Even still, the suffering of the Russian people is not going away as the death toll rises and the disaster’s cause is revealed, igniting the anger of the populace.

Up to 89 soldiers may have been killed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry’s announcement on January 4. The ministry also stated that the soldiers’ use of unlicensed cell phones on New Year’s Eve was to blame for the incident.

Russian soldiers disobeyed the restriction at the start of the new year and turned on and used their mobile phones in large numbers, which allowed Ukraine to trace and precisely pinpoint the location of a Russian garrison stationed in a school. utilising the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system to strike with a devastating blow at the abandoned vocational institution.

Did using their phones cause the deaths of 89 Russian soldiers?

The ability to make satellite calls or make phone calls through well-known applications like Facebook, Zalo, Twitter, Instagram…, is one of the more sophisticated features of modern mobile phones. Another is the ability to show the device’s location.

The fact that these programmes are frequently marketed as being extremely safe is really only a ruse to reassure users; in reality, intelligence services all over the world have complete access to the transmission networks and data stores of social networking sites and applications.

It is obvious that the Russian soldiers’ decision to use the phone to call their loved ones in large numbers on New Year’s Eve was a grave error that cost them dearly because their use of the phone aided the enemy. There are numerous approaches to ascertain where the Russian group stands.

The first is that mobile phones use a specific frequency for transmission, and radio interceptors can always be used to monitor this frequency band.

It will be quickly detected and overheard if there suddenly appear to be a big number of Russian voice or video calls in the middle of the night.

it is normal for a small region of the battlefield to produce a very big source of radio emission signals in a relatively short period of time, drawing the attention of signal reconnaissance vehicles.

The easiest is for the adversary to locate the Russian army group by turning on the device location display mode on the Russian soldier’s smartphone.

The images of the garrison building can be easily seen by reconnaissance vehicles, which can quickly identify the exact location point and immediately report the coordinates to the operational command post in just a few seconds, if Russian soldiers take pictures, make video calls home, post them on social networks, etc.

A smart mobile phone (Smartphone) that includes features like free calling, device location display mode, and the ability to capture and share photographs and videos has evolved from a tool for linking Russian soldiers with their families to an unanticipated “Silent Killer.”

Even whether Russian soldiers use satellite phones, regular phones, or free calling apps, the enemy can intercept the phone signal and find the location of the source of the transmitted signal to pinpoint where the call originated.

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