‘Tank killer’ TOW on M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle

One of the weapons equipped on the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is the “Tank Killer” TOW. Although not as modern as Javelin and NLAW missiles, but in return TOW missiles have 15-50% higher armor penetration and 250% longer range.

In addition to the 25mm cannon and coaxial machine gun, the TOW anti-tank missile is one of the weapons equipped on the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

Each M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is fitted with a launcher containing two TOW anti-tank missiles on the side of the turret.

The mounting of TOW anti-tank missiles combined with the aiming system of the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle helps the gunner to accurately destroy the target.

Despite being born a long time, thanks to continuous upgrades, TOW anti-tank missiles are still one of the most powerful anti-tank killers in the world today.

TOW missiles in the hands of pro-American opposition forces have brought down many tanks provided by Russia to the Syrian government forces.

It is estimated that hundreds of tanks and armor of the Syrian army were destroyed by TOW missiles in the hands of the opposition forces.

Born in the 1970s, up to now, the US BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile is considered one of the most successful anti-tank weapons in the world.

Since its launch so far, the TOW anti-tank missile has appeared in many hot spots of the world.

Versions of the TOW later developed were: TOW 2A (BGM-71E), produced in 1987 with more than 118,000 units sold; TOW 2B (BGM-71F), produced in 1991 with over 40,000 units sold.

The TOW rocket is equipped with a two-stage solid-fuel propellant ATK.

When shooting, the gunner observes and guides the missile’s flight path to destroy the target through the telescope.

The maximum attack range of the latest TOW 2B version is up to 4,200 m.

The TOW 2B version is equipped with dual warheads that can neutralize the explosive reactive armor of modern tanks and the ability to penetrate steel shells up to 900 mm.

In addition, this missile line is upgraded to be able to penetrate ERA explosive reactive armor tanks.

In addition to the version with a fixed base, TOW can be deployed on jeeps and armored vehicles to increase mobility.

Although not as modern, but in return, TOW missiles have a 15-50% higher armor penetration ability, and a 250% longer range than Javelin or NLAW anti-tank missiles.

Currently, TOW is the most widely used anti-tank missile in the US military as well as in other NATO countries.

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