Turkish Baykar Plans to Create a Supersonic Version of the Unmanned Fighter Jet Kizilelma

According to the chief technical officer (CTO) of the company, Turkish drone tycoon Baykar intends to produce a supersonic version of its unmanned fighter plane, the Bayraktar Kizilelma.

During a broadcast, Selçuk Bayraktar discussed the characteristics of the kizilelma, Turkey’s first domestically created and manufactured unmanned combat aircraft.

In addition to having a much longer cruise time than Bayraktar’s most recent drone, the akinci unmanned combat aerial vehicle (ucav), Kizilelma will be able to engage in aerial battle with jets, the inventor claimed.

Even a supersonic model is in the works, according to Bayraktar.

The National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle System (MIUS), also known as Kizilelma (Red Apple), is an incredibly important and strategic initiative by Baykar, whose combat drones have already garnered a lot of interest across the globe.

The unmanned fighter jet is expected to carry out a wide range of military operations, including close air support (CAS), missile offensives, suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD), and demolition of enemy air defences (DEAD).

It is anticipated that it will be able to fly for five hours and travel at speeds of up to 800 kph (500 mph or Mach 0.64).

“New Baykar story”
In addition, Bayraktar stated that they will begin their space-related project after Kizilelma and that they had objectives for the ensuing five to ten years.

Our goal, he stated, is to create orbital transport vehicles as well as a communication and gps system with low orbit constellations.

The space initiative was initiated around six months ago, according to Bayraktar, and “a new Baykar tale will develop from there.”

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