Pentagon can send Stryker armoured vehicles to Ukraine.

According to our correspondent, the Pentagon is considering include Stryker armour in the upcoming military aid package for Ukraine.

According to two unidentified US defence officials quoted by my correspondent on January 9, the Stryker infantry fighting vehicle could assist Ukraine in fending off the potential that Russia will launch a significant offensive in the spring. The US will deploy Stryker armoured vehicles to Ukraine, but they did not say when or how many.

By the end of the next week, the US administration may reveal the next aid initiative, just in time for the upcoming Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Germany.

A Pentagon spokesman, Major Garron Garn, responded that the organisation has “no announcement to make” at this moment when questioned about the information. The US National Security Council’s spokesperson remained silent regarding the report.

The Stryker infantry combat vehicle, if approved, will be the most recent weapon the West provides to Ukraine, and it is anticipated that it will help partially address the army’s pressing need for armour. The Stryker is an eight-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle that lacks a tank’s heavy armour yet excels in mud, sand, and snow conditions.

The US Defense Department official added, “Ukraine needs armoured personnel carriers, but not many countries give them. The Stryker can defend soldiers and approach the point of combat, although it is not as effective against tanks as the M2 Bradley.

Thousands of pieces of armour, including mine-resistant armour and military Humvees, have been given to Ukraine by the US. Stryker, which is seen as a hybrid between a tank and an armoured personnel carrier, has a carrying capacity of nine men, compared to Bradley’s six.

Armored Combat Support Vehicle, a Canadian version of the Stryker, was sent to Ukraine (ACSV). Prior to announcing that it was diverting the cargo to Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that Canada had originally purchased ACSVs for the nation’s military.

According to Western experts, the decision to equip Ukraine with heavier armour like AMX-10 RC, Bradley, Marder, and Stryker can serve as a foundation for other nations to deliver main battle tanks. But it appears that Western countries are waiting for one another to resolve this issue.

An eight-wheel infantry fighting vehicle called the Stryker was created from the Canadian LAV III. Since 2002, the US Army has used this particular model of armour, which costs roughly 4.9 million USD each.

Depending on the model, Stryker armour is armed with 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm guns in addition to 30 mm, 40 mm, or 105 mm cannons. Stryker has a range of around 500 kilometres and a top speed of 97 km/h.

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