Russia claims that Western arms exports “only worsen the situation in Ukraine.”

According to Russia, modern French armoured vehicles and other Western armaments simply make Ukraine’s misery worse. Pro-Russian officials in eastern Ukraine claim that significant cities like Bakhmut are on the verge of being taken over.

“Basically, nothing will change as a result of these delivery. The suffering of the Ukrainian people can only be prolonged by them “spokesperson added. When asked about France sending armoured vehicles to Kyiv on January 9, Dmitry Peskov of the Kremlin said.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that he would send light tanks to Kyiv. France will be the first Western nation to supply tanks to Ukraine with the transfer of the AMX-10 RC, a light vehicle that has been in use since the 1980s.

It was also announced that the US and Germany will send armoured vehicles to Kyiv. According to Sky News, conversations of sending tanks to Ukraine have been going on for the “past few weeks.”

The Kremlin claimed that Presidents Macron of France and Vladimir Putin of Russia were still in contact. Peskov asserts that despite their differences, communication between the leaders is “extremely useful.”

Fighting is still going on in Ukraine in the meantime. The Donetsk region’s neighbourhood of Bakhmut has allegedly been “liberated” by Russian forces, according to the pro-Russian side. The officials in the Lugansk region claimed that a large number of Ukrainian soldiers had left Soledar and that the city would soon be “liberated.”

In contrast, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that despite the “extremely difficult” circumstances, Ukrainian soldiers were still maintaining control of Bakhmut and the town of Soledar. More soldiers are being sent by Kyiv to Soledar.

In revenge for the 89 soldiers killed last week in Ukraine Makiivka, the Russian Defense Ministry earlier claimed on January 8 that it had killed 600 Ukrainian soldiers in an attack on a military dormitory in Kramatorsk. Later, Kyiv refuted this information.

Russia allegedly launched 77 missiles in the southern Kherson region in the 24 hours following the expiration of Moscow’s unilateral ceasefire. Zelensky charged that Russia had carried on attacking after the announcement of a cease-fire.

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