Russia sent an elite parachute division to reinforce the firepan in eastern Ukraine

British defense intelligence officials said that the Russian army has sent soldiers from the 76th Airborne Division to support the Kreminna front.

In an update on the military situation on January 12, the Intelligence Service of the British Ministry of Defense said that the Russian army had mobilized soldiers from the 76th Airborne Division, an elite unit in the army. This country’s team came to support the “fire pan” of Kreminna in eastern Ukraine.

“Since the beginning of January 2023, the Russian military has sent additional forces from the 76th Airborne Division to reinforce the Kreminna front. Paratroopers may be used more in the near future as a response force. the elite of the Russian army,” the statement said.

The 76th Airborne Division is one of the most combative units of the Russian army. Founded in 1939, this division has participated in many wars between the Soviet and Russian armies and achieved many glorious feats. In the Ukrainian battlefield, the 76th Airborne Division was the main force supporting the Russian army’s lines in Donbass and Kherson.

The move of the 76th Airborne Division to Kreminna shows the determination of Russia in keeping this strategic city in the face of the counterattack of the Ukrainian army.

To explain the fact that Kreminna has become an important target of the Ukrainian army, military experts have emphasized the strategic location of this city.

Kreminna is located on the main road connecting Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk and is only about 20km from these two cities. Winning the Kreminna will pave the way for Ukraine to advance to Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk, the second largest urban area in the Lugansk province with a population of about 250,000. The scenario of Kiev taking control of the Kreminna would also seriously weaken Russia’s position in Lugansk.

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