Watch Video: Russian battlefield killer super tank neutralizes Ukraine’s missiles

Video taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) shows a Russian T-90M tank using a defense system to disable Ukrainian anti-tank missiles in the Donbass battlefield.

website Avia Pro on January 12 posted a video described as recording the scene of a Russian T-90M tank activating defensive weapons to deal with a Ukrainian missile attack.

Specifically, the video was recorded by a UAV in the Svatovo-Kremennaya area in Donbass. It is not clear when the incident took place.

During the attack on the Ukrainian stronghold, the Russian tank successfully opened fire on the target. Ukraine then fired anti-tank missiles in response, but the Russian T-90M effectively neutralized the missile.

According to Avia Pro, the video shows the defense of the T-90M against enemy fire. The Russian tank seems to have detected the enemy missile and activated the TshU-2 “Shtora-1” defense system to effectively neutralize the Ukrainian missile.

Shtora 1 has many tank protection mechanisms. It has a laser detector to detect tanks being targeted by an enemy laser sight. At this time, Shtora 1 will activate smoke grenades in less than 3 seconds, lasting about 20 seconds to camouflage the tank, making it difficult for the opponent to accurately locate the target.  

In addition, Shtora 1 is also equipped with an optical suppressor, capable of emitting radiant light similar to a missile control light source. The working mechanism of an anti-tank missile is that the closer it gets, the less control it receives. Meanwhile, the radiant light from Shtora 1 can cause strong interference, make the control system disorder, and cause the missile to be deflected or self-destruct when approaching the tank.

According to Avia Pro, this is considered the first video of the T-90M Shtora-1 system operating in Ukraine. Field reports indicate that this system has been quite effective in recent years. 

Developed by the Urals transport engineering design bureau, the T-90M “Proryv” is a powerful improved version of the Russian army’s main T-90 tank. This tank uses a powerful diesel engine that allows it to travel at speeds of up to 72km/h.

The T-90M tank is equipped with a 125mm caliber cannon that can fire powerful ammunition and missiles capable of destroying enemy tanks at a distance of up to 5km. The new multi-channel observation system allows the tank to use its armament at any time of the day. In addition, the ability to exchange data with other combat vehicles in real time is one of the main advantages of the T-90M Proryv tank.

In addition, the Nakidka coating has the ability to absorb radar waves, allowing this tank to easily camouflage on the battlefield. Advanced explosive reactive armor layers called Relikt and Shtora defense system also help protect the T-90M effectively against enemy guided anti-tank missiles.

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