Ukrainian pilots described the two Russian aerial killer weapons as a “nightmare.”

Russian R-37M hypersonic missiles are dangerous in air warfare, according to a Ukrainian pilot, and when combined with the Su-57 stealth fighter, they are thought to be capable of creating airborne assassins.

The R-37M missile, which Russia utilised in a lengthy special military operation, was highlighted as being dangerous by the Ukrainian MiG-29 jet pilot with the code name Juice. nearly 11 months.

The R-37M is a long-range air-to-air missile (AAM) that can reach targets in fast-moving aircraft from distances of more than 300 to 400 km. Due to its tremendous offensive capabilities, it is known as the “air killer.”

This air-to-air missile is regarded as having one of the greatest ranges in the entire world. Through active and semi-active radar systems, it can follow targets. This implies that the R-37M will be totally independent of the launch vehicle once it is deployed.

In order to target aircraft in the air, the R-37M can move at a speed of Mach 5 to Mach 6 (6,125-7,350 km/h), which is five to six times the speed of sound.

The R-37M was first deployed by Russia to Ukraine last summer. Since then, numerous Ukrainian jet pilots have voiced worry that the R-37M could endanger Kyiv’s aircraft even if it were launched from within Russian airspace.

Pilot Juice said that the R-37M was so deadly that many Ukrainian pilots were unable to complete the mission and had to rapidly evade it.

“We have created evasion strategies because we are aware of their R-37M launch strategy. Dodging, though, makes it more difficult for Ukraine to conduct air missions. Of course, we are unable to strike the opponent (as planned) while navigating to avoid getting hit, making this extremely dangerous and impossible to perform in the air. If you don’t spot the approaching missile in time, you’ll be kicked out of the fight “pilot Juice, acknowledged.

The R-37M has a particularly deadly mechanism in that it will fly very close to the target and only activate the radar search device when it is around 32 kilometres away in order to precisely identify the target before rushing in.

This means that the R-37M missile is now only detected by the Ukrainian fighter’s warning radar when it is roughly 32 kilometres away from the target, giving the Kyiv pilot only a little window of time to avoid being shot down.

Initially designed for incorporation on MiG-31 interceptors, the R-37M. Following that, Russia made the decision to modify this weapon so that it would work better with the Su-30, Su-35, and Su-57 jets. According to experts, this missile can greatly increase the performance of fighter aircraft.

With a pair of MiG-31BMs with missiles, experts from the RUSI Institute (UK) claim that Russia’s air defence patrols have shown to be incredibly effective against Ukrainian attack aircraft and fighter jets. Particularly deadly is the R-37M long-range air-to-air missile.

The R-37M becomes much more hazardous when coupled with the Su-57. Su-57 armed with R-37M downed a Su-27 jet from Ukraine in October of last year.

The Su-57 appears to only be flown in Russian airspace to launch long-range air-to-ground or air-to-air missiles against Ukraine, according to the British Ministry of Defense, which said last week that Moscow had sent the aircraft on a mission to attack Ukraine.

Another hypothesis is that due to the Su-57’s effective stealth capabilities, Russia moved it to Ukraine but left no traces. If this theory is accurate, the Su-57 and R-37M might present Ukraine with a significant problem.

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