US and South Korean troops conduct drills near the North Korean border

The US and South Korean militaries conducted a drill with the participation of many heavy weapons in the area close to the North Korean border.

onhap on January 14 reported that the South Korean military sent a combat unit equipped with many modern weapons to participate in the exercise with a motorized brigade of the US Army’s 2nd Division in the area near the border. Union Korea.

Accordingly, the two-week exercise was held in the border city of Paju, about 30km north of the capital Seoul. Participants in this exercise were 800 soldiers from the Korean Army’s TIGER Brigade and soldiers from the US Stryker Combat Brigade. Many modern military vehicles such as K808 wheeled armored vehicles, Stryker infantry fighting vehicles, Hyungung anti-tank missiles, and many surveillance drones were also mobilized.

According to the South Korean military, this exercise was conducted to test the combat readiness and coordination between the US and South Korean militaries in the event of a conflict breaking out on the Korean peninsula. Observers say this is also a move to deter North Korea after Pyongyang’s continuous missile tests in recent years.

Recently, the situation on the Korean peninsula has been developing tense with a series of missile tests and artillery firing into the sea by Pyongyang.

In response, the US and South Korea have continuously conducted large-scale joint military exercises with the participation of many soldiers and modern equipment. North Korea has repeatedly voiced its opposition to the drills, calling it a move that “adds fuel to the fire”.

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