Russia and Belarus hold large-scale joint drills, and Ukraine is on high alert

The Russian and Belarusian militaries conducted a joint exercise on January 16 with the participation of many soldiers and modern military equipment.

According to Reuters, the Russian and Belarusian militaries conducted a large-scale air exercise from January 16 to February 1. During this exercise, many warplanes of Moscow and Minsk will conduct joint combat exercises at all military airfields on the territory of Belarus.

In addition, on January 16, an infantry exercise with the participation of many motorized infantry units will also begin.

The above drills have raised concerns in Ukraine and the West about the risk that the Russian military could launch a raid on northern Ukraine from Belarusian territory. The Ukrainian army is said to have increased defensive operations in the border area bordering Belarus.

However, the Belarusian authorities have denied this risk and affirmed that the joint exercises with Russia are only aimed at strengthening the defense capabilities of the country’s army.

“We will maintain a patient attitude and do not move,” Deputy Secretary General of the Belarusian Security Council Pavel Muraveyko stressed, adding that the situation on the country’s southern border with Ukraine was “stable” for now. “. Mr. Muraveyko also accused the Ukrainian army of having aggressive actions against the Belarusian border guards in recent years.

Previously, to prepare for the above drills, the Russian military sent many military aircraft to Belarus. On January 15, at least 8 combat aircraft, including 4 Su-30 fighters and 4 Su-34 attack aircraft, and 4 An-12 and An-26 transport aircraft were seen when landing at the base. Baranavichy Air Base in Belarus.

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