Russia dispatches a deadly unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to Ukraine that chooses and kills a target on its own.

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense will deliver an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to Ukraine. A privately owned Russian company located in the Urals makes this robot. The organisation is known as Androidnaya Technika.

The Kremlin hasn’t made an official confirmation yet. The chairman of a group of advisers and the scientific and technological centre of the “Tsarski Wolves” division, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin, broke the news, nevertheless. The Kremlin decision was announced by Mr. Rogozin via his Telegram account. The Marker robot will be placed in Donbas, said Mr. Rogozin.

Several Marker units will be dispatched, according to Mr. Rogozin’s remark, although he did not specify how many. In recent years, the robot has undergone numerous tests, according to Rogozin. The Vostochny Kosnodrome hosted some of the testing. When it comes to performing security and intelligence work, Marker has excelled.

Marker UGV

The fact that Marker is an independent fire control system leaves a lasting impression. Marker can use it to independently locate and strike enemy targets up to 15 kilometres away. The autonomous system features a capability for identifying friends and enemies.

Is the autonomous system functional, though? We pose this query since friend-or-foe identification mode was suggested as a potential feature in 2021. For this system to function, all Russian personnel, equipment, weapon systems, and callsigns had to be digitally captured and entered into the programme.

The Marker infrastructure is open-source. In other words, its designers can easily change it or add software solutions at any time. A system of four anti-tank missiles and a Kalashnikov machine gun are mounted on the robot.

vital gear

An electro-optical monitoring system, a thermal camera, and a laser target pointer are all equipped with the autonomous vehicle. Using Marker targeting, the latter offers the chance to increase the precision of missile and artillery hits from other Russian weapon systems.

Data processing is carried out throughout the entire system by specialist software. Russian specs state that neural network methods are part of the programme. These networks are what connect to the self-contained friend-or-foe system.

Most likely, the Russians won’t be able to afford to use the robot in completely autonomous mode. The operator will be able to confirm the target before giving the order to fire thanks to its integrated early warning, identification, and tracking system.

What more remarks did Rogozin make?

The results will come later, Mr. Rogozin says in his Telegram statement, once Marker begins operating on the Donbas front. Numerous queries about Marker’s effectiveness and productivity will be addressed by their review.

This is one of the rare instances where one of the two belligerents chose to employ cutting-edge military hardware. Moscow as well as Washington and its allies will be watching Marker’s performance with interest. This future, which involves transforming ground forces into combat robot operators, can be depicted by a marker.

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