Tensions escalate, and Russia puts the missile “Son of Satan” on duty

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that it has deployed the RS-24 Yars ballistic missile complex on combat duty.

The website Eurasiantimes quoted a notice from the Russian Ministry of Defense on January 16, reporting that the country’s military decided to deploy an intercontinental ballistic missile complex capable of carrying nuclear warheads RS-24 Yars into the air force. war. This is a move to prepare for combat by Russia in the face of escalating tensions in the Ukraine battlefield.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Yars missile complex will conduct patrol operations within a range of about 100km in conditions of changing terrain. In addition, coordination exercises with technical equipment, camouflage, and field protection will also be conducted.

The above combat patrol will take place in the Tver region, near the border with Belarus. The website Eurasiantimes confirmed that the entire territory of Ukraine is within the range of this missile complex.

RS-24 Yars is one of the most powerful and modern nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles in the Russian military. This missile is 20.9m long, 2m in diameter, has a launch weight of 49 tons, and is capable of carrying from 3 to 6 nuclear warheads.

With outstanding power and speed, RS-24 Yars is dubbed the “Son of Satan” by the Western media.

Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, Ukrainian and Western officials have frequently voiced concerns about Moscow’s possible nuclear attack on Kyiv. However, Russian officials have denied these allegations and insisted that Russia will not use nuclear weapons to strike first.

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