Would Ukraine be the target of a serious strike now that so many Russian ships have left their base?

The abrupt departure of the majority of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Kalibr missile ships from the port of Novorossiysk raised some eyebrows.

Israeli military analyst Yakov Kedmi was quoted by the Russian daily Pravda as saying that it was not totally coincidence that the majority of the navy fleet’s warships “disappeared” from the base.

Therefore, Mr. Kedmi thinks that as part of a particular military operation in Ukraine, the Russian military is getting ready to launch an attack.

A number of Russian Navy warships and submarines had been seen earlier departing the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, according to Western witnesses.

They believe that the nation’s armed forces can organise the Black Sea Fleet to take part in the operation in Ukraine.

The simultaneous launching of all vessels carrying Kalibr missiles, according to expert Yakov Kedmi, may be a prelude to an extraordinarily potent strike on Ukraine.

He claims that a significant attack on Kiev’s military facilities is being planned by the Russian military.

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