Russia warns of scenarios that could lead to nuclear conflict

Russian National Security Council Vice Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned that if nuclear power fails in a conventional war, it could trigger a nuclear conflict.

Reuters reported that Medvedev on January 19 warned NATO about a scenario that could trigger a nuclear war.

“The defeat of nuclear power in a conventional war can spark a nuclear war. Nuclear powers have never lost in major conflicts on which their fate depends. there,” said Mr. Medvedev.

His remarks come as NATO countries are scheduled to meet at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on January 20 to discuss Western strategy to assist Ukraine in defeating Russia in Ukraine. Medvedev warned that NATO should think about the risks in its policy.

Russia and the US are by far the two largest nuclear powers, holding about 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads.

Earlier, US officials expressed concern that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction on the battlefields of Ukraine, especially in the context that Russian forces continue to face threats. stepped back on the battlefield in the last few months of last year.

Russia declares that it is ready to defend its territories and annexed territories by all possible means, including nuclear weapons. The West considers this warning from Russia a “nuclear threat”. 

The West believes that the nuclear threat in Ukraine has increased in recent years, especially after Russia annexed four breakaway regions of Ukraine. US President Joe Biden warned in October last year that the world was facing the biggest nuclear threat since 1962.

Current Russian nuclear doctrine authorizes the use of nuclear weapons in the event of a nuclear attack on Russian territory or infrastructure, or if the very existence of the Russian state is threatened. threatened by nuclear or conventional weapons.

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