The commander of Ukraine admitted that the “battlefield killer” T-90 Russia was superior to

A commander on the battlefield of Ukraine acknowledged the outstanding combat ability of the Russian T-90 tank at the Bakhmut firepan in Donbas.

A commander of a Ukrainian tank unit has acknowledged the superior combat capabilities of the Russian T-90, saying that it takes 3 tanks or “luck” to be able to confront the Russian main battle tank.

Ukraine is dependent on T-62 and T-72 tanks from the Soviet era. These old tanks are said to be unable to cope with the powerful Russian T-90 tanks.

Soldiers from the 17th Ukrainian Tank Brigade described battles with Russia to the British newspaper The Times while stationed on the Bakhmut front.

The 45-ton T-90, with a crew of three, a 125mm gun, and composite armor, is one of Russia’s most advanced tanks.

“Weapon quality is important. If you’re facing a T-90, you’ll need three tanks to deal with it – or luck,” said Lieutenant Oleksander Romanchuk, a tank company commander. know.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian strategists and Western experts argue that Kiev needs more high-quality, heavy equipment to fend off a major Russian offensive in the spring, as well as regain its territories. vast territory that Russia controls.

The T-90 was developed in the post-Soviet era. This is a version of the T-72 equipped with new technology. It has a top speed of more than 60km/h, is equipped with a 7.62mm PKTM 6P7K machine gun mounted on a turret and has a range of 550km using a V-12 diesel engine.

The T-90 series are considered to be the top modern tanks in the Russian arsenal with advanced explosive reactive armor, defense systems, and effective fire control systems that enable it to fire far and accurately. more on target.

Russia has brought to the Ukrainian battlefield T-90M Proryv. This is a powerful improved version of the main Russian T-90 tank. It was equipped with another completely new turret and a more powerful engine. Proryv is equipped with a new aiming system that allows the weapon to be used at any time of the day. One advantage of the T-90M is that it can share data with other vehicles in real-time.

The T-90M tank is significantly superior to its predecessor T-90 thanks to its combat effectiveness while retaining the advantages of the previous model.

T-90M is equipped with the Shtora-M defense system, which effectively protects against the opponent’s guided anti-tank missiles, in the context of Western anti-tank missiles causing many challenges for the equipment. Russia in recent times.

The T-90M is equipped with an effective weapon and fire control system that makes it possible to shoot farther and more accurately at the target.

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