The efficiency of the US bomb GLSDB, a weapon that can penetrate Russia’s red line

There are reports that the West will give Ukraine US GLSDB bombs. This is a potent weapon. Russia quickly cautioned the West against doing so.

The Kremlin warned on January 19 that if the West gives Ukraine more weaponry that can strike targets in Russia, tensions would worsen.

A day after it was claimed that the US intended to give Ukraine ground-launched small-diameter bombs, the aforementioned statement was made (GLSDBs).

According to Dmitry Peskov, who serves as the Kremlin’s press secretary, the following Western weaponry may be used to attack Russian territory: “This entails bringing a confrontation to Russia’s foreground, which is extremely risky. a completely new level, which is not ideal from the standpoint of global and pan-European security.”

Peskov’s remarks were made just before a meeting between the US and Ukraine’s allies to discuss additional support for Ukraine on January 20 in Germany.

The GLSDB is a precision bomb that can reportedly be mounted on cheap missiles already in the arsenal of Ukraine. Zelensky’s forces would “strike well behind the Russian line” with the aid of the GLSDB.

Boeing (USA) and SAAB (Sweden) collaborate to develop GLSDB. The GLSDB is a GPS-guided long-range missile that can attack targets 150 kilometres distant, according to the SAAB website.

These small-diameter bombs are “very effective and accurate at extended ranges,” according to SAAB. A “multi-purpose, piercing and fragmentation warhead and programmable electronic detonator” are both included with each GLSDB.

The company also claimed that the bombs can be used in all kinds of weather, can attack targets inside of caves, and can be used to strike “from any angle,” resulting in a great degree of flexibility.

The GLSDB is so precise, according to SAAB’s website, that it can “strike within a radius of a car tyre.”

Giving Ukraine the GLSDB bomb might have a huge impact on the Russia-Ukraine war, according to retired US general Ben Hodges, who made this statement on January 18.

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