US SEAL defector killed in Ukraine

The death of a SEAL task force member in eastern Ukraine was confirmed by the US Navy on January 20, however the soldier was a deserter, according to the US Navy.

Officer Daniel Swift is a special warfare member of the Navy, according to RT.

Swift was killed on January 18 as a result of wounds sustained in combat with Russian forces, a US Navy official who shall remain nameless informed reporters at a news conference.

Swift’s name was omitted by the US State Department, but it did clarify in a statement: “We can confirm that an American fighting in Ukraine just passed away. We are in touch with the relatives of this person and are offering all available consular support. We have nothing further to share out of respect for the family’s privacy during this trying time.”

Swift reportedly lives in Oregon, entered in the service in 2005, and was awarded a medal for her involvement in the fight on terror and operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. From March 2019, Swift is seen as having an unexcused absence.

American citizens are formally discouraged by President Joe Biden’s administration from enlisting in the foreign military force organised by the Ukrainian government. However, during the past year, the conflict has claimed the lives of at least eight US nationals.

Prior to the escalation of hostilities in February 2022, special troops from the US, the UK, and other NATO nations have been working in Ukraine. The deployment of British and American special troops in April 2022 has been confirmed by French media.

General Robert Magowan, a former Royal Marines commander in December 2022, reaffirmed the details. Mr. Magowan claimed that the Royal Marines were involved in covert operations in a highly delicate setting with a high level of military and political risk.

The Mozart Group, a purportedly private and crowdsourcing group run by Andrew Milburn, a retired US Marine colonel, was made public by British media in August 2022. Milburn then unintentionally divulged the significant losses suffered by the Ukrainian army in the Donbass.

Despite having officially committed to backing Kiev as long as Russia loses, the United States maintains that it is not a party to the conflict and has given billions of dollars in financial and military assistance to Ukraine. Russia has warned the West that sending mercenaries and weapons to Ukraine will only serve to escalate the situation and increase the likelihood of physical violence.

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