Iran Moves Closer To Having Nuclear Weapons

Iran has several weeks left to enrich its uranium stockpile to 90 percent, the level needed to produce nuclear weapons, new sources in the Middle East say.

75 kg of uranium, according to Iranian authorities, have already undergone a 60% enrichment. According to nuclear experts, Iran would theoretically need several weeks to reach 90% enrichment even with restricted access for the IAEA. Regarding the nuclear issue, Iran retains its position and doesn’t seem to be moving away from it.

Although it will take another 18 months to develop a reliable distribution system and pass the 90% enrichment level, both Western nations and several Middle Eastern nations are concerned about this. The United States also forewarned Tehran that gaining enriched fissile material for nuclear weapons was only a matter of weeks away. In the event that diplomatic efforts, pressure, and sanctions fall short, the US president said he would consent to a military option against Iran. However, diplomacy continues to be Washington’s first line of defence against Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. As a final resort, Israel threatened to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities through armed force.

As a result of Tehran’s insistence that the International Atomic Energy Agency cease its investigations into its nuclear activities, talks to resuscitate the 2015 nuclear deal have stalled. Iran has also started enriching uranium at its Fordow nuclear complex to a level of 60%.

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