Russia knocks down Ukrainian Su-24 and Mi-8 aircraft as it gains more territory in the DPR

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, it has expanded its control over the Dvurechye settlement in the DPR and downed Ukrainian Su-24 and Mi-8 aircraft.

The progress of the military action in Ukraine was still being reported on by the Russian Defense Ministry on January 21.

Units of the 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were attacked close to Berestovoye (region) Kharkiv by Russian troops from the air and artillery forces of the Western Military District (WMD) in the direction of Kupyansk.

Here, 2 of their motor vehicles, 1 armoured combat vehicle, and more than 35 Ukrainian service members were all destroyed. Additionally, close to Olshana, an AFU ammo depot was destroyed (Kharkov region).

Units of the 111th Territorial Defense Brigade of the AFU were targeted by Russian artillery fire from the Central Military District (CMD) near Torskoye and Terny (Donetsk People’s Republic – DPR) in the direction of Krasniy Liman. One infantry combat vehicle, one D-20 howitzer, one AN/TPQ-37 anti-aircraft radar station, and more than 20 Ukrainian service members were all killed.

Volunteer assault squads supported by the Army Aviation and Tactical Forces, the Southern Military District Rocket and Artillery Forces, and the town of Dvurechye in the direction of Donetsk helped Russia maintain control (DPR).

Up to 50 military fatalities, two armoured battle vehicles, three pickup trucks, and two D-20 and D-30 cannons are present in this AFU. In addition, an American-built AFU AN/TPQ-37 counter-reaction radar station was destroyed close to Malinovka, and an artillery store was destroyed close to Vodyanoye (DPR).

The Eastern Military District (EMD) of Russia’s units took advantage of better lines and positions in the direction of Zaporozhye. Along with more than 30 soldiers, 2 armoured battle vehicles, 2 pickup trucks, an Akatsia self-propelled howitzer, and a D-20 gun, Ukraine also suffered heavy losses.

In the vicinity of Kotlyarovka (DPR), the tactical and tactical aviation, rocket forces, and artillery forces of the Russian Federation neutralised the 36th Rifle Battalion’s headquarters.

Together with Ukrainian personnel and equipment in 95 locations, 67 artillery units at firing positions also met the same demise.

A Su-24 and a Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force were shot down by Russian fighter planes in the vicinity of Vladimirovka (DPR) and Lozovaya (area of Kharkov), respectively.

As well as that day, 14 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were shot down in the vicinity of Kovalyovka, Kremennaya, Naugolnoye, Novovodyannoye, Ploshchanka, Nezhurino, Zmiyovka, Chervonopopovka (LPR), Novokazankovatoye (Zaporozhye region), and Blagodatnoye (DPR).

Additionally, Russia intercepted four missiles near Vasilyovka and Grozovoye, including one Ukrainian HARM anti-radar missile and three missiles launched from the HIMARS and Uragan systems (Zaporozhye region).

A tank, 15 armoured vehicles, six artillery systems, and one artillery system were among the 860 soldiers, soldiers, and artillery systems that the Russian side lost on January 20, according to Pradva, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 15 fuel vehicles, many missile launchers, 5 unmanned aerial vehicles, and 3 specialised equipment.

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