Ukraine claims to have downed 3 most modern Russian helicopters within 30 minutes

The Ukrainian Air Force claims to have shot down three Russian Ka-52 “Crocodile” helicopters in just 30 minutes.

“In just one battle lasting 30 minutes from 0:00 to 0:30 on January 24, our anti-aircraft missile units shot down three Ka-52 attack helicopters of the Russian army on the Eastern Front. “, the Ukrainian Air Force announced on January 24.

This claim has not been verified by independent sources.

The Ka-52 “Crocodile” helicopter is considered one of the most modern aircraft of the Russian armed forces. This is a new fighter model and has been in production since 2008.

In terms of weapons, Ka-52 “Crocodile” is equipped with laser-guided fire systems, anti-tank missile systems, bombs, and many other weapons. The main mission of this helicopter is to support infantry and attack combat vehicles, including tanks, armored vehicles, and ground weapons of the enemy.

At the end of October 2022, intelligence officials at the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that at least 23 helicopters of this type had been shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces since the conflict between Moscow and Kiev broke out.

These helicopters account for more than 25% of the Ka-52 fleet that Moscow has. According to previous reports, the Russian military currently has about 90 Ka-52 helicopters in service.

The Russian Ministry of Defense immediately denied the above information and affirmed that the Ka-52 helicopters of the Russian army have shown amazing combat effectiveness on the Ukrainian battlefield.

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