Russia is expected to send its most advanced tanks to Ukraine, according to British intelligence.

As the West prepares to supply modern tanks to Kyiv, Russia is getting ready to send T-14 Armata tanks into Ukraine.

In a report on the situation of conflict in Ukraine on January 25, British military intelligence referenced the data.

The prospect of Russia sending the main battle tank T-14 Aramata to Ukraine was previously raised by the British military.

Russia is allegedly getting ready to send a few T-14 tanks to Ukraine, according to Britain. Moscow reportedly has more than 30 T-14s in service, according to certain unreliable statistics. Considering the amount of T-90 tanks, this figure is quite small.

Due to the lack of interest in the tank among Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the T-14’s deployment has run into a number of difficulties.

Although Russian officials have openly acknowledged that the T-14 tank had issues with the engine and thermal imaging system for the past three years, it is unclear why there was such a reaction when British intelligence exposed the issue.

If the T-14 makes an appearance in Ukraine, it will be the most advanced tank in the Russian army’s first actual battle.

Officials from Russia have asserted that their nation tested T-14 tanks in Syria “under actual war conditions,” but they have not shown any proof.

The British intelligence’s report caught people’s notice as the West prepared to send Ukraine its most advanced battle tanks.

The US and Germany will follow the British Challenger 2 tanks with their Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks. In the future, Ukraine is anticipated to receive four or eight Leopard 2 tanks from Norway.

The T-14 Armata has a younger “age” than the tanks mentioned above due to its development in 2011 and 2015 release.

This tank stands out due to its unmanned turret that is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore weapon. Three persons made up the crew, who were housed in a well fortified compartment.

According to claims, the crew compartment’s separation from the turret and ammo storage makes it more resistant to attacks from the side and the top.

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