What strategy did the Eurofighter Typhoon use to defeat the US F-22?

The Eurofighter Typhoon fighters defeated the US F-22 in close quarters during a training exercise in 2012 with ease.

One of the most feared aircraft in the skies is the F-22 Raptor. No present or upcoming fighter can compare to the F-22, according to US Air Force sources. However, the Eurofighter Typhoon won an exercise against this fighter more than ten years ago.

The F-22 made its worldwide debut at the “Red Flag” exercise in Alaska, USA, in 2012. The US fighter, whose development could have cost up to $80 billion, failed to outperform the Eurofighter Typhoon in these close quarters battles.

German pilot of the Eurofighter that was taking part in the practise expressed surprise at his ability to outperform the American aircraft. The pilot stated, “I believe the F-22 has lost its inherent expensive advantages when engaging 1-1 at close range.

However, the F-22 immediately asserted itself as the superior aircraft once it moved to long-range combat training. The American fighter did not give its adversaries any opportunity to come close to it because it was initially built to engage several targets from a safe distance.

“My Eurofighter was unable to manoeuvre the F-22 within 30 kilometres, even when I tried my hardest. It’s quite challenging to take down an F-22 if you can’t see it in your line of sight “The pilot from Germany remarked.

“The F-22 can eliminate airborne threats from afar thanks to its exceptional stealth skills. Not all of a fighter’s abilities are evaluated during melee training, but “A spokesperson for the US Air Force at the time, Lieutenant Colonel Tadd Sholtis, stated.

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