Russia’s response to the Patriot air defence system is the Kh-31PD missile.

Russia claims that its Kh-31PD missile can disable the US Patriot air defence system.

The American Patriot air defence system can be defeated by the Russian Kh-31PD air-launched anti-radiation missile.

On January 26, Boris Obnosov, the CEO of Tactical Missile Corporation and a Hero of Russia, made the claim to TASS.

Boris Obnosov claims that the Kh-31PD missile attacks adversary air defence systems by travelling at a high speed greater than Mach 3, or more than 1,000 m/s. In order for it to successfully meet the goals, it must be upgraded, organised for manufacturing, and designed at the new technological level. The Patriot system can be defeated by this weapon.

The Kh-31PD missile, he continued, is both the group’s and his personal source of pride.

The Kh-31PD air-launched high-speed anti-radiation missile is meant to target surface-to-air missile systems. According to information on the manufacturer’s website, it has a range of 250 kilometres and carries a 110 kg warhead. The Kh-31PD has a dual guidance system and a longer range, which improves its pre-emptive attack potential.

On January 24, 2002, the Russian President issued a proclamation establishing the Tactical Missile Corporation. The company specialises in the development of high-precision missiles, smart bombs, and weaponry for use in the air, on land, and at sea.

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