Russian forces besiege the strategic city of Bakhmut.

The Russian army has surrounded the city of Bakhmut, barring nearly all of the roadways used by the Ukrainian armed forces, according to Apty Alaudinov, leader of the Akhmat special forces unit in Lugansk.

He claims that the Russian forces would soon seize the region, even though the Ukrainian army only controls one route.

In light of recent significant losses on the fringes of this city, it was previously claimed that the Ukrainian army was moving extra units to Bakhmut.

The local champagne factory, one of the biggest in the industry in Eastern Europe, has reportedly also been taken over by the Russian side, according to reports.

The Western delivery of tanks to Ukraine would not have a significant effect on the development of the special military operation started by Russia, according to Apty Alaudinov, Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the Lugansk Militia. He claimed that if the military bloc’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) tanks had the ability to change the course of the fight, they would have been sent into action sooner.

Some of the worst combat of the 11-month battle in Ukraine has taken place in the vicinity of Bakhmut, which had a pre-war population of 70,000. Despite Western military analysts’ claims to the contrary, the city has some relevance for both Russia and Ukraine.

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