Ukraine warns of Russia’s tactic of “stealing” intelligence

Ukraine’s security service has warned about a new tactic of the Russian intelligence.

In a press release issued on January 27, Ukraine’s National Security Service (SSU) warned of a new tactic of “stealing” Russian intelligence.

Accordingly, cyber security experts from SSU have detected unauthorized penetration activities of hackers related to Russian intelligence targeting the security surveillance camera system in many buildings, street corners and infrastructure. floor of this country. In particular, cameras in buildings where many Ukrainian police officers live are considered important targets of Russian intelligence.

Kiev believes that this is a move to collect valuable images and intelligence data, thereby helping Russia to gain more information about the movement of troops as well as the military equipment of the Ukrainian army.

SSU asserts that it is actively working to uncover and prevent the “illegal” penetrations of Russian hackers. SSU stressed that the hacker group responsible for the above information theft plan was controlled by Russian intelligence agencies and was well organized to attack the networks of important Ukrainian infrastructure.

A criminal investigation will also soon be conducted to track down and prosecute those involved.

The National Security Service of Ukraine also warned people to be vigilant and immediately notify the authorities if there is any doubt about the network system as well as the security camera at home.

“We warn that cyberattack activities will be intensified by the enemy in the near future. We urge people to be vigilant, especially pay attention to computer network systems. System passwords. need to be upgraded and changed on a regular basis. If there are any suspicious signs, people should immediately inform the authorities,” the SSU statement read.

On the same day, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, based on intelligence sources, accused Moscow of planning to export electricity from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to Russia. The agency also revealed that at least 150 engineers from Belarus are helping Russia operate this largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

The defense ministries of Russia and Belarus have not yet commented on the allegations.

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