Russia seizes important parts of Ukraine’s HIMARS rocket

The published photo shows that Russia appears to have captured a control system for the Ukrainian HIMARS rocket.

Avia Pro on January 29 posted a photo of what this military site describes as a rocket control system from Ukraine’s HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system.

According to the above news site, during Ukraine’s attacks on the Kirovsky area in Donetsk, Russia shot down a number of enemy HIMARS rockets, as well as obtained the fire control system of the M30/M31 rocket. According to preliminary observations, the system appears to be intact, so it could allow Russia to dissect and study the technology on the US-made rocket.

It is not clear that the system will control the information on the rocket. According to Avia Pro, this can be a guide for HIMARS to attack targets and control them through special protocols for military satellites and global positioning satellites.

HIMARS is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher mounted on a wheeled chassis, developed from the US M270 complex. Each HIMARS system is staffed with a crew of three, able to carry six M31 227mm rounds with a range of 70-80km or one MGM-140 ATACMS tactical missile capable of hitting targets from a distance of 300km .

The Ukrainian military affirmed that the US-aided HIMARS rocket artillery played an important role in the counter-attacks of this force in the past time as well as contributed to limiting the overwhelming firepower of artillery and missiles. Russia.

Ukraine used HIMARS to strike precisely at important Russian targets such as ammunition depots, logistics routes, important supplies on the front lines, and cause great damage. Experts say that HIMARS is one of the key weapons that helped Ukraine put great pressure on Russia to withdraw from the strategic city of Kherson last year because Moscow could no longer support the front line after being destroyed by Kiev. cancel the logistics supply line.

According to observers, Ukraine is still using HIMARS to carry out precision strikes against Russian targets, but the effectiveness of these attacks seems to have decreased compared to the original time because Moscow has been Find a way to catch this weapon. 

Earlier this week, Russia announced that its Pantsir-S1 air defense system had been upgraded to intercept rockets from the HIMARS multiple launch system that the US provided to Ukraine.

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