Ukraine denies attempting to acquire 24 F-16 fighter planes.

The Ukrainian Air Force denied pressing the West to send 24 F-16 jets, claiming that the negotiations are still ongoing.

“Regarding the aircraft, Ukraine is at the negotiation stage. The kind and quantity have not been determined, “Yuri Ignat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, stated on January 28.

The declaration was made the day after Ignat was quoted by Western media as saying that Kiev is considering to purchase two F-16s and that it may be the best option to replace the Soviet-era fighter currently in service in Ukraine. 24 aircraft in the group as a whole.

“Ukraine is in the midst of the aircraft negotiation stage. There is no consensus on the kind or quantity, “On January 28, Yuri Ignat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, said.

The declaration came a day after Western media cited Ignat as saying that Kyiv is considering to purchase two aircraft groups with a total of 24 aircraft and that the F-16 may be the best option to replace the Soviet-era fighter currently in service in Ukraine.

Asserting that his statements had been misunderstood, the Ukrainian official noted that partner nations were not content with rumours in the media. “No announcements are made by us. These statements have a terrible effect. Partners dislike frivolous claims being released and information is very sensitive “said Ignat, a representative.

Kyiv has often stated its intention to receive 4th generation Western jets, particularly the F-16, claiming that these types of weapons will provide significant battlefield benefits. Despite repeatedly breaking down barriers to facilitate in the delivery of heavy weapons, the US and European nations have not yet delivered fighter jets to Ukraine due to worries about the possibility of an escalation of hostilities.

On January 27, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius ruled out sending fighters to Ukraine since they are more sophisticated than main tanks and have a different range and firepower.

On January 26, US Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer stated that Washington will “very carefully” explore the notion of fighter aid with Kyiv and its allies. According to US sources, the F-16 is a complicated fighter that takes pilots months to learn to fly and requires considerable maintenance, which is challenging to perform in Ukraine during the conflict.

General Dynamics created the multi-role fighter F-16 in the 1970s, and it is currently in use by the US and several allies. The F-16 has a maximum speed of 2,100 km/h, a ceiling of 18,000 m, and a range of 546 km at an altitude of 12,000 m. The F-16 has 11 pylons that can hold up to 7.7 tonnes of weaponry, including bombs and guided missiles, and a 6-barrel 20mm cannon.

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