Mr. Trump said that the war between Russia and Ukraine could be resolved in 24 hours

Former US President Donald Trump said he could resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict “in 24 hours” as the hostilities between the two countries were still escalating.

Newsweek reported that, in a speech over the weekend to supporters in Salem, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump said he could solve the war between Russia and Ukraine in 24 hours.

According to the former US president, opponents often see him as a tough guy who is prone to conflicts, but he is not.

“My personality has kept us out of wars (for the term 2017-2021). And I told you before, war will never happen with Russia. (President of Russia) Vladimir) Putin would never go to war (if Mr. Trump were president) And now I too can handle the conflict in 24 hours. Things have gone badly. Cities have been destroyed. cancel,” he said.

However, Mr. Trump did not specify which option could help him resolve the conflict in the equivalent of a day.

Mr. Trump concluded that, if he were US president, there would be “no chance that the Russia-Ukraine war would happen in the first place”.

Earlier, Mr. Trump on January 26 warned that the Russia-Ukraine war could turn into a nuclear conflict after NATO members announced that they would provide Kyiv with tanks to cope with the military campaign. The past 11 months of Moscow.

“First tanks. Then nuclear. Let’s make this war end now. An easy task,” Trump wrote on the social network Truth Social.

On January 28, Mr. Trump kicked off his re-election campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina, two early-voting states.

During the election campaigns, Mr. Trump mentioned central issues such as preventing illegal immigration and curbing China’s influence. In addition, he also emphasized issues such as transgender rights. Meanwhile, he is no longer focusing on allegations of cheating in the 2020 presidential election .

The Russian-Ukrainian war has passed its 12th month, but so far it is still at a stalemate. The two sides could not find common ground on the preconditions, making negotiation a big challenge.

At the G20 summit in November 2022, President Zelensky outlined a 10-point peace formula to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Proposals include ensuring nuclear and radiological security; food and energy security; releasing all prisoners; complying with the Charter of the United Nations, restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the world order; Russia must withdraw its troops and cease hostilities, avoid escalation of tensions, and pay reparations for war damage.

Despite signaling readiness to negotiate, President Zelensky stressed that Ukraine will “not compromise on independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity” to achieve peace. Meanwhile, Russia said that the peace talks offered by Ukraine were “unrealistic and incomplete”.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow is ready to discuss a solution to the Ukraine crisis, but only if it receives “realistic and not too far-fetched proposals, taking into account the current realities as well as the legitimate interests of Russia.”

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